The Top Reasons To Choose Travertine Pavers For Your Swimming Pool Deck

Have you ever noticed how many people have travertine pavers around their swimming pool? It turns out, there is a reason for that. These pavers offer a number of benefits that make them ideal for use in a swimming pool deck. Below are some of the reasons why you should consider installing travertine around your own pool:

1. You are less likely to slip and fall on travertine than on other types of stone. Travertine’s porous surface tends to absorb water, keeping it from forming puddles on the surface of your pool deck. This, in turn, keeps the surface from becoming slick underfoot. This can help prevent accidental slips and falls – an important safety consideration around a swimming pool.

2. Travertine stays relatively cool to the touch even in direct sunlight. Have you ever burned your feet on a concrete pool deck on a hot summer day? If so, you already know that certain types of material can become extremely hot when they are exposed to the sun. Travertine, however, is unique. Even when it is in direct sunlight, it stays relatively cool to the touch. That means that you don’t have to worry about burning your feet on your travertine pool deck no matter how hot it is outside.

3. Travertine is extremely beautiful to look at. With its relatively light neutral color, travertine can mix and match with a lot of different styles. Depending on how it is installed, it can look rustic and natural or classy and sophisticated. That means that you can use it to create whatever type of look you are going for in your own backyard. To see just how versatile this natural stone is, try checking out photos of travertine pool decks online. Within just a few minutes of looking at photos, you should quickly see that this beautiful stone can be used in many different ways to create a lot of unique looks.

Travertine pavers are the ideal choice for a pool deck. Not only are they attractive but they also stay cool to the touch. This can keep them from burning your feet when it is hot outside. Additionally, they are far less likely to become slippery than many other types of paving materials. This can help improve swimming pool safety by minimizing the likelihood of anyone slipping and falling as they make their way across the pool deck.