Jacksonville Water Damage Restoration Information

While you never want to think that your property will have water damage, Jacksonville water damage restoration is something you have to look into. It is important that you know what steps to take should your property need Jacksonville water damage restoration.

Shut Off The Water

If your property has been damaged from a leak or plumbing malfunction you need to shut the main water supply off. By turning the water supply off you limit the amount of damage which can be caused and will stop any further flooding. If you are able to complete this task quickly you may reduce the chance of water damage.

Move Your Possessions

Any valuables you have should be moved out of the flooded area and stored on dry ground. These valuables should include jewelry, important documents and electronics. It is important that you move your electronics out of the flood area to limit the chance of malfunctions and shocks when you pick them up.

Do Not Use Electricity

If your property has been flooded and suffers water damage you should not use any electricity. Water damage is not only soaked carpets and water in the walls. Water damage could affect your electrical wiring and you need to have the electric checked by a professional before you try using anything.

File Your Insurance Claim

Your homeowners’ insurance may or may not cover the water damage restoration costs. However, you should put in a claim if you know that you should be covered. There are certain causes of water damage that the insurance might not cover such as ‘acts of God’ which includes natural disasters.

Document The Damage

It is important that you document all of the damage done to your property by the water. This will help your insurance claim and will help you determine what work needs to be done. It is important to note that not all water damage will be easy to identify as mold from water damage will take a few days to appear.

Call A Jacksonville Water Damage Restoration Company

It is recommended that you have a professional water damage restoration company take care of your property. These companies will have the correct equipment and knowledge to properly repair your property. It is recommended that you use a company referred to you by your insurance company or by a close friend or family member. Companies who go door to door after disasters might not be the best equipped to deal with the damage.