Using LED Lights For The Holidays

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When the holiday season is in full swing, the last thing that you will want to worry about is your lights failing you. With all of the holiday lights that you want to have up, decorating your home, you need to have solid lighting options that are going to be bright, beautiful and long lasting. This is where LED lights for the holidays can come in very handy. These are some of the top reasons to go for LED lighting this holiday season.

Save Money

Did you know that using LED lighting can actually save you money? They use up roughly 90% less energy than traditional lights that are used for the holidays. This could result in a savings of about $50 during the season for the average family. To put it into technical terms, the power that needs to be consumed by a single 7 watt incandescent bulb could power about 140 LED bulbs, which is actually enough to light two 24 ft strings.

Long Lasting

LED Bulbs can keep the season bright for you for as long as 100,000 hours. This is a time period that is a great deal longer than the life of any of the older holiday light strings that you may already have around the house.

Go Big

In order to be safe, you should never connect more than three strings of traditional lights. However, you can safely string together up to 87 light strings that contain LED bulbs, which could give you up to 1,500 of lights. This is something that could really put your lighting display over the top and make it so that you are the envy of all of your neighbors. You will never have to fuss with extra extension cords and you can take your lighting display even further from the outlet.

Stay Safe

Because LED lights actually stay cooler than the traditional incandescent bulbs, you can enjoy added peace of mind that you are cutting back on the risk of fire for the holiday season. You will have the same bright lights of the traditional bulbs, yet the LED bulbs will be much cooler to the touch.

When you are shopping around for LED lighting this holiday season, you will find a wealth of options that are more vibrant and versatile than any traditional strands of lights. The end result will be a glow that you and your entire family will love.